In addition to the deposit business with retail customers which is very important for the bank there are two business units in charge of the more financial market oriented funding of the bank. Treasury coordinates the money market products whereas Capital Markets is responsible for the more long term refinancing by issuing securities. In addition Treasury secures compliance with regulatory requirements (i. e. equity and liquidity requirements) as well as the steering of market price risks (particularly interest rate change risk).

Funding Strategy

It is our goal to cover our funding needs by deposits from German clients. Our network of branches and affiliates covering the whole of Germany is giving us a stable access to deposits of retail customers.

Part of our funding strategy is the securitization of consumer finance loans by placing them as Asset Backed Securities in the market or to pledge these to the ECB. In addition liquidity lines of our owners (Santander Consumer Finance S.A. and Banco Santander S.A.) are available to fund our loan business. Promissory Notes as well as the deposit business with institutional investors further diversify our refinancing base. The issuance of Pfandbriefe (covered bonds) as well as senior unsecured notes complements our strategy as further attractive refinancing sources.

Current Funding Activities

Debt Issuance Programme

On March 8th, 2024 the Luxembourg Regulator (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)) has approved the Base Prospectus dated 8th of March 2024 relating to the Euro 5bn Debt Issuance Programme of Santander Consumer Bank AG. Please find enclosed the Base Prospectus.

7 bn Euro-Commercial Paper Programme

Commercial Paper (CP) are unsecured, short-term bonds, which are generally issued as zero-bond with agio or disagio and repaid at nominal value. The term of SCB AG´s CP is between 1 and 364 days. Thus, CPs provide a short-term refinancing on the capital market. Commercial Paper investors are institutional investors. Please find enclosed the corresponding documents for download.

Investor Reports (ABS)

Santander Consumer Bank acts as originator of different ABS transactions (Asset Backed Securities). Please find below the monthly investor reports as well as further information on outstanding transactions.

Pfandbrief Business

According to § 28 of the German Pfandbrief Law (Pfandbriefgesetz (PfandBG)) a Bank issuing Pfandbriefe has to publish Disclosure Reports on a quarterly basis. It is required to publish news on the cover pool as well as the outstanding Pfandbriefe.


Please find attached the current reports of the rating agencies on the Pfandbriefe of the Bank